Starseed’s new line of medical cannabis capsules

Starseed is excited to announce that Softgels are now available to our patients as part of our ever expanding medical cannabis offering. Softgels are easy-to-swallow capsules that are consistent, convenient, and provide a discreet method of consumption. Essentially, softgels are “cannabis in pill form”, or capsules with cannabis oil inside. They offer a straightforward way to know exactly how much you have consumed, and offer a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis and potentially inhaling harmful carcinogens.

As cannabis oils, softgels fall into our Blue Star category. They will soon be available in 2 separate products; Observatory Balanced and Observatory THC Softgels.

Balanced Softgels
THC Softgels
Consistent Dosage

Softgels are pre-measured to provide an accurate and consistent dosage. Each capsule contains a specific cannabinoid amount as listed on the Blue Star bottle. This is especially important for new users who might need a simple and reliable way to monitor medical cannabis effects and progress of their treatment.

Maximum Effect:

Softgels work very similarly to ingesting our Blue Star cannabis oils. Onset of effects following cannabis ingestion is typically between 30-90 minutes, with a peak around 2-3 hours, and total duration between 4-8 hours. It is important to know that the effects can vary from person to person. As always, we recommend starting low and slow, and please consult with a health care practitioner if specific dosing instructions are required.